Friday, April 10, 2009


Hello there!

I am Theresa of Tilt Creations. I love creating my own goodies, whether it be sewing, painting, embroidery, or whatever else I can get my hands on. But sometimes it's even better to win the goodies!

And that is why I am here. There are dozens of fabulous sites where you can find giveaway collections...I'm making it a dozen-plus.

Most of the giveaways I will post are hosted elsewhere I just happened along them. Others may be giveaways I am hosting on one of my other blogs. Either way - enter & enjoy!

Even if you never win one, you just may find that next gift you have been searching for. Or even just a fun blog or shop to keep visiting.

I will also try to post specials I happen to run across as well.

How often will I be posting these? Not sure yet. It may take a month or so until I get into a groove. The first collection of finds probably won't be up until after this holiday weekend...I have lots to bake and create still in the next couple days.

'Til then...