Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Luci and Flair's Fantastic Firefly Giveaway - ends 2/24/10

This one not only fun...but local! Catching Fireflies is right around the corner... Well, to me anyway. Their shop is a whole 4.2 miles if walking...according to Google Maps anyway. I have ridden my bike to that area several times and it felt much closer. Of course the quickest! I'm there :)
So, where was I? Oh yeah...the giveaway.
"I think most people can agree that it's easy to catch a case of the blahs this time of year. So we're doing our best to battle the gray days with a little laughter... mon-keys, own little world magnet, cupcake dental floss, save the world water bottle, alligator stapler, 'laugh til you tinkle' napkins"

click here to enter the Laugh A Lot Giveaway
Ends: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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april said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word about our little give-away:) good luck!